Solar Water Heaters

In the last decade, homes with rooftop solar panels and residential projects have gone from curiosity to commonplace. It is a trend perhaps best exemplified by our SS Green Projects today. Solar water heating systems, or 'solar thermal' systems, use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be used to make the water hotter, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

The benefits of residential solar water systems are that since the energy from the sun is endless (at least for the next 5 billion years). It is a source of clean energy without any greenhouse-gas emissions; and it can also help people in terms of money which they otherwise spend on their electric bills. Hence we have ensured that for customers of SS Green projects, solar power is a good choice.

This makes you aware of most important features and attributes you're thinking about investing in SS Green Projects for your dream home. Using photovoltaic energy is a very green and potentially rewarding move, than drawing your power from the established electrical grid.